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PCB Quote

Full feature prototype PCB custom service at low cost.

What is PCB

A printed circuit board (PCB) is an electronic assembly that uses copper conductors to create electrical connections between components.

Get Your First PCB for only $1 

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Electronic Collaborative Manufacturing Service System (ECMS) 


  • PCB Prototypes & mass production including 1-30 layer boards.

  • Special materials (metal pcb, HDI board, thick copper boards, etc.)

  • Any Special Requirements...


  • PCB SMT & DIP assembly. 

  • SMT 0201-0.3mm space, QFP, CSP, QFN, BGA, etc.

  • No minimum quantity required.


  • Purchase PCB components through us!

  • Resistors

  • Capacitors

  • Diodes

  • Transistors

  • Connectors

SMT Stencil

  • Stencils usage has evolved beyond traditional depositing solder paste

  • We offer print framed and frameless stencils to help transfer solder pastes to a bare PCB.


  • We offer PCB through collab and integration 

  • Across domains including electrical, mechanical, software, system, test, and manufacturing.

Our Service and Manufacturing Capabilities

A professional team, using automation, digitization to greatly improve pcb production efficiency and reduce PCB procurement costs.

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